Single Fans Verses Double Fans

I have heard lot of discussion on single fan verses double fan. Most preferring double fan.
First, let us make a distinction between the two. What is a single fan? One might think, well, you dummy, it is one fan. Yes, that is true, but how does one come by that single fan?
Like you see in the video below of dividing Moonlit Masquerade, all the fans came apart as single fans. This is not always the case. Some single fans may have actually been cut apart in the crown and healed over. That would have made a double fan into two single fans. As in the case of Moonlit Masquerade, I could not sell it as a double fan but rather would have to sell it as two fans. Simply because they separated that way. As for a double fan, it simply means two fans growing from the same crown. Not two separate fans. In digging and dividing Elegant Candy this morning, I had single fans and one triple fan. Again simply meaning that three fans were growing from the same crown. These fan will eventualy grow off that crown into single fans.After all that is how they multiply. Some daylilies will even shoot a fan off to the side from one of the rizones. My Bama Moonshine does that . More on that at a later date.

In the discussions I have heard, it seems that most prefer double fans, saying that they become established faster and bloom better. My opinion is that a single fan that separated as a single fan would establish faster than a single fan that has been cut in the crown and made into a single fan. I also think that two separate single fans would be better than a double fan as the extra fan on the crown is a very young fan and more than likely will not bloom the first year. I will let you know how this triple fan blooms this year. I am open for discussion on this, so please feel free to leave you comments, statements, or questions.

So how is one to know whether they are selling a double fan or two single fans? If it has been lined out as two separate fans then it would be sold as two single fans. One would not know while digging whether they were going to have two separate fans or a double fan to come from the clump. Just keep that in mind when you purchase a double fan; it just might be two separate fans as it would be in the case of one that divides like Moonlit Masquerade.

Many of the comments I have had say that a single fan multiplies slower than a double fan and even two separate fans planted in the same hole. So tomorrow I will go back and plant a single fan in a hole by itself to see if it multiplies slower than the one planted today with two separate fans in the same hole. Someone noted that they like their roots to entwine with each other,


  1. Hi Sharon, being in zone 5A I can't count on a single fan that I bought on the auction to bloom that following summer for my breeding program. However, if there is a double fan it has a greater chance of blooming for me and then I am glad I made the purchase. When a seller says on their auction page that it is two fans, I have to assume it is two single fans...but if I REALLY want it I will write to them and ask them if it is 2 singles or 1 double fan. When we lined out Joan Derifield this last fall, we noted which fans were single and which were double, which wasn't hard to do. Also I much prefer buying auction plants that have been lined out the fall before rather than being freshly dug and cut and then shipped within a day or so (STRESS!!). They have a much better chance of settling in and will start right off, rather than trying to recoup from all the stress of transplant and shipping. Also when the seller says I get whatever increase comes from over the winter and spring it makes me even more determined to bid and push to get it! As far as a fan naturally dividing into singles, rather that being "chopped" I will take that into consideration and likely purchase it if it is one "I JUST HAVE TO HAVE!" I then make sure I plant them pretty close together because I was told they like company and by how their roots twine together, I believe it!!


  2. Thank you Nancy for your comment. The experiment should tell me how all this works for sure. Although I wouldn't think a seller would divide and line out plants and them offer them for sale immediately.The plants on my sale list are all still clumps and the reason for offering them a such a low price is that I have to line them all out. So the sale should cut down on all the work some. They will not be for sale again until they have established themselves really well. Probaly next spring.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    I am a gardener that loves gardening with all her flowers, daylilies being a main one. I happened upon your blog looking for definition of single fans vs double fan day lily. I enjoyed the video that you did with the different fans. Can you tell me the results? Also, do you still sell day lilies?