When Spring is Around the Corner

After such a harsh winter for everyone,
and a break of spring like weather comes,
we get the itch to get outside and dig in the dirt.
That spring like day is today for me so I decided
to prepare my tomato beds for April planting.
I gave up on growing tomatoes in the garden
a few years back. I built two raised beds next to
my patio just outside my back door. 
Only two landscape timbers high is all you need.
They are filled with soil conditioner just like what
I use in my raised daylily beds and potted daylilies.
If you want to grow tomatoes that are 1/2 to 1 lb.
They need just as much care as you would give your
prize daylilies. They love water too.
So these beds are close to the house
where they can get water  every other day.

This bed had tomatoes planted in it last year and
broccoli planted in the fall.

First I spread a five gallon bucket
of my homemade compost and then
a five gallon bucket of Mushroom
compost followed by a five gallon
bucket of the original
Ted Pruess fertilizer.           

Using a garden rake it is all worked
into the top two or three inches.
Raked smooth. As soon as I get a
chance to go to Lowe's and pick up
some more soil conditioner it will be spread on the top,   Then I will be ready for planting the plants
that I will start indoors next month by April.

 Feb. 11th       
Well the weather outlook looks like a slight rise in temps everyday next week.
So I am preparing for spring.  Today I planted some tomato seeds (Better Boy, Atkinson, and Jetsetters) These were all from seeds I had in the freezer. They were planted in the ziplock bowls with holes made inthe bottom and the lid. Another lid placed under them to hold any water drainage and placed on a heat matt covered with a towel. The lid will come off as soon as they start sprouting.

Well here it is Feb, 18th, and spring is still 29 days away. Spring like temperatures has one wanting to plant although it is way to early. So I have finished preparing my tomato beds for planting in April.
Today I added lime and then top dressed the bed with soil conditioner. Also added bone meal and blood meal and raked in the top 2 inches. 
Then the final step is to spread the coffee ground on top to keep the cats from digging in the bed.
Now all I have left to do it the hard part. Wait!!!!!!

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