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Monday, February 28, 2011

Lining out daylilies

By the storms missing us last night, I was able to get outside and dig and line out a couple of daylilies.

This is from a bed I started lining out last fall. This bed will need to be totally reworked.
The first video is the digging and dividing and the second video is of lining out.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do you like weeding ?

Well actually on a day like today, I like weeding.  A nice warm south wind blowing on a partly sunny day.
When there is little blooming in the garden other than a few daffodils and a few marsh marigolds. So peaceful.  Only the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees, the birds singing and crickets chirping.

 The soil slightly damp and cool to your hands.
How could you not enjoy weeding when you look back and see the results if your labor.
Since I do not wish to be doing this again when it becomes hot outside, and knowing that pulling those weeds
has disturbed many weed seeds that are just waiting to sprout, I spread some Trefland in the bed. Knowing there is a rain moving in tonight or tomorrow morning, I want have to water it in. Now I can stand back and anticipate June bloom.
This makes five of the seven beds I have cleaned out that are in the picture of my heading.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Transplanting tomatoes

Yesterday and today I have transplanted over 150 tomatoe plants and 48 broccllie plants. Started more tomatoe seeds in the house.

Friday, February 25, 2011

March winds in Feb

I certainly hope that no one had any serious damage from the storms that swept through yesterday and last night, Only mild damage here and certainly nothing like the diaster in New Zeland.
The straighet line winds thankfully                     
only lasted about 10 minutes. Powere flickerd
on and off several time but we never completly
lost power. A very fast moving storm. I do have some damage to the roof .   This shingle blew off the east end of the house and is laying at the back door about 25 ft away.     

Then there are limbs down all over the lower side of the drive. Well that is where my onion bed is located. This limb was sicking in the bed about two inches deep.
Then there has been this old dead pine tree out      by the road for some time. The power company had topped it and rather than cutting it completly down they left three fourth of it standing. Now it is laying  in my yard for me to clean up  What a mess                          

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How did this happen

How in the world did this happen. After removing at least 40 potted plants from the greenhouse
for program auctions I have very little room for my tomato plants. They are ready to go in cell packs.


One bright thing today was this te-tiny daff blooming, a sign that spring is here.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bring New Life to an Old Bed

This is an old seedling bed that I had in 2005. The seedlings were all removed year before last. I took the frame out from around it and moved it to a new spot. So now lets get some new life in this old bed.
First thing I have got to get all the weeds removed .
Once the weeds are removed we need to get a little more life back into the bed. This is done by double cutting the soil. I just used a hoe to pull the soil back. Even though the closest tree is 30 ft. away are further you would not believe how many tree roots there is in this bed.

WOW after about an hour of all that digging we need to get some form back to the bed. All the clods are busted up by hand and the bed is then raked level.  Then a little clean up around it.
I have decided to use this bed for my spring onions as it is to wet to plow the garden right now.
So furrows were made and fertilizer added and covered. Then the onions were planted.
Goodbye to an old bed, goodbye to the manicured nails I had all winter and hopefully goodbye to a few pounds I gained this winter.

By the time the onions are ready to pull the bed then can be refurbished with some soil conditioner and will be ready for planting of daylily seedlings by fall. This bed held 66 onion plants. Red and Texas Sweet.
Here is the finished bed after about five hours of hard labor. But it will be worth it in a couple of months. Now all I need is a good hot bath and someone else to cook dinner for me.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Scape Jan 13th

Well this is Texas Blue Eyes  sent to me in Oct. Was cut back to about 1 inch and here it is
today with a scape coming on it. It is sitting in my South facing kitchen window.