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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tip for today

Though I would throw out a tip for the day that I found useful.I have three cats and they love digging in my raised beds to use as a restroom. Then my sons dogs will come and did a very large hole trying to did up the cat's business. I found that spreading used coffee grounds on the beds will stop the cats digging, therefor also stopping the dogs digging. Coffee grounds also provide a slow release nitrogen. I understand that if you have a Starbucks that they bag there ground and set them out for customers on a first come first serve basics.
I don't have a Starbucks near me and I don't drink coffee. Only my husband. So about two tablespoons of grounds per day is all I have.

This is Princess, and  Ity Bitty.Couldn't                
get Duchess to be still long enough to get
her in the pic.
They are all just what I call barn cats
and great hunters. They constantly bring
me mice, moles and even a rabbit every
once in awhile.