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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eight Month Old Seedling

I was pleased to see this seedling blooming today. This one could be my very own Best Edge seedling.
I planted it from seed in the house in Jan. Kept in the hobby greenhouse until April and  then in a raised bed outside . So it is eight months old.,  I am loving the form on this one as well as the edge. It gets the number today of 11-0904  A  five inch bloom on a short scape but blooming above the foliage so when it is mature
it should be taller.  It has already multiplied and is two fans.  For sure one to watch.  Think I will take one fan and pot it for the greenhouse and leave one fan outside to test for winter hardiness. With the parentage involved I expect it to be evergreen. A cross of Born To Run X Butch and Babar's Cracked Eggs
Any comments would be appreciated.