Region 14 Spring Regional

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mobile Hemerocallis Society Meeting Jan 23rd.

I headed south on Saturday to the Mobile Hemerocallis Society, While others were headed North
to the MWS. I was expecting warmer temps while I knew the ones headed to Nashville were
going to see snow and ice. Well to my surprise it was cold in Mobile too.  Got up Sunday morning
to a frost on everything. I sure wasn't prepared for that. But the day turned out to be great.
Temps warmed up close to 60.

It was great to see Fred Manning again (acting president of the MHS) Although I didn't know any of the other members I met a great group of people. Very interactive which makes one feel right
at home. I even aquired a new recipe for a great snack from one of the members. 

For those of you who don't know Fed Manning he is know on the Lily Auction as Spunky1.
Here is a picture of Fred with my lovely equipment technician  and granddaughter Brooke.
As well as a picture of the group. 
A big thank you to the Mobile Hemerocallis Society for the warm welcome.