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Friday, February 25, 2011

March winds in Feb

I certainly hope that no one had any serious damage from the storms that swept through yesterday and last night, Only mild damage here and certainly nothing like the diaster in New Zeland.
The straighet line winds thankfully                     
only lasted about 10 minutes. Powere flickerd
on and off several time but we never completly
lost power. A very fast moving storm. I do have some damage to the roof .   This shingle blew off the east end of the house and is laying at the back door about 25 ft away.     

Then there are limbs down all over the lower side of the drive. Well that is where my onion bed is located. This limb was sicking in the bed about two inches deep.
Then there has been this old dead pine tree out      by the road for some time. The power company had topped it and rather than cutting it completly down they left three fourth of it standing. Now it is laying  in my yard for me to clean up  What a mess