Region 14 Spring Regional

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bring New Life to an Old Bed

This is an old seedling bed that I had in 2005. The seedlings were all removed year before last. I took the frame out from around it and moved it to a new spot. So now lets get some new life in this old bed.
First thing I have got to get all the weeds removed .
Once the weeds are removed we need to get a little more life back into the bed. This is done by double cutting the soil. I just used a hoe to pull the soil back. Even though the closest tree is 30 ft. away are further you would not believe how many tree roots there is in this bed.

WOW after about an hour of all that digging we need to get some form back to the bed. All the clods are busted up by hand and the bed is then raked level.  Then a little clean up around it.
I have decided to use this bed for my spring onions as it is to wet to plow the garden right now.
So furrows were made and fertilizer added and covered. Then the onions were planted.
Goodbye to an old bed, goodbye to the manicured nails I had all winter and hopefully goodbye to a few pounds I gained this winter.

By the time the onions are ready to pull the bed then can be refurbished with some soil conditioner and will be ready for planting of daylily seedlings by fall. This bed held 66 onion plants. Red and Texas Sweet.
Here is the finished bed after about five hours of hard labor. But it will be worth it in a couple of months. Now all I need is a good hot bath and someone else to cook dinner for me.