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Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year with Daylilies

With all the cold weather we have been having and me itching to dig in the dirt, I decided to plant some seeds. When I opened the crisper to get the seeds last month I found over half of the packets had some seeds that had already started sprouting. So I had to get busy and fast. Yesterday was the third planting of seeds since Dec 26th.

I use the wet paper towel method to start my seeds in the winter. The first thing you must know about this method is that the surface you are working on and your hands must be clean. If not, you will get lots of mold in them. I use Clorox water,  1 to 10 ratio, to wash the counter and my hands. I also wipe down the faucet handle and the marker that I use.  Don't take any chances. Then wet the paper towel  and squeeze it out. (just use tap water)
Spread out and fold in half, place the seeds on one side then fold the paper towel over the seeds, folding in the outer edges, and then place in a zip lock bag. I use the freezer bags because they are thicker. Write all the necessary information on the bag . I always write the cross the date they were planted in the towels and how many seed in the cross.

This method allows you to store many seeds in a small area. Just stack the bags and keep in a fairly warm place. The seeds do not need light to sprout. I check on them at least every three days. Some people plant as soon as they see the little white sprout starting. I wait until they have little leaves on them and then plant them in tree trays. I will follow up with this cross shown that I just planted in the next few days.

Someone asked that I post the pictures of the two parents of this cross. Thanks Nancy for the suggestion.  Pod Parent first is Nancy's Quilt a 2007 Linda Agin introduction. Then the pollen parent is God Save The Queen a 2005 introduction by Morss

Here are the nine seeds planted on Jan 3rd.
Just three days later on Jan 6 th. Six of the
nine have started sprouting.They go back into
the bag as is and wait a couple more days, I do move them around on the paper as the roots will grow into the paper if not moved regularly.

Today Jan. 10th one week from planting the seeds   
in the paper towels I have eight of the nine sprouted
and one bad seed.  It is removed and the seeds are rearranged so that the little green tips are close to the top edge and pointing to the top. They are then covered back up and put back in the bag.The tips will grow to the light. Some would have already planted at the first sign of sprouting. But I will make a video if possible  when I am ready to plant these and post it here.

Below is the video of the actually planting of the seeds pictured above. Be sure had have your sound on as it has verbal instructions. Then there is an image of the  final planting along with two other crosses.
The label has the parentage and a number one on it. At the end of the row of planting a label with a number one is inserted and you are then ready for the next cross to be planted.

I had several people want to know where they could get the tree trays.
Extra deep nursery tray for tree seedlings and woody ornamentals. Vertical channels direct root growth downward with little or no root circling.  Available in 38 with cells measuring 2 1/4 x 5. Outside dimensions of 10 3/4 x 211/8, same as plug tray line or standard 1020 line. Also available (special order) in 21, 30 and 72 cell trays.

                                                  Here is a link to where I order them from.

Link below for the flats. You can get these with holes or without. I am using the plastic liner because I am reusing trays that I have had for some time. These are great for starting tomato and pepper plants. But the next order I make will be the flats with no holes in them so I don't have to use the plastic lining for the daylily seedlings.