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Friday, March 25, 2011

Temporary Greenhouse

With thunderstorm and hail the last two nights I was glad I had built the temporary greenhouse around my tomatoes. These were planted on March 18th. The temps have been in the low 40's at night and mid 60's during the day. They don't even know it. I actually have a few buds on a couple of them.

With the cold weather moving in last night and me already having tomato plants set out for nearly a week, I had to build a temporary greenhouse around them. I had some old plexus glass sheets. I just leaned them up against the frame. As we southerners are well know for good uses of duck tape. I used some plastic across the top and duck taped it to the plexus glass I then used some plastic to make the end covers again using duck tape to attach it to the plexus glass We did get frost last night with only a low of 35. I live in a bottom and the cold air just wants to settle in here. The plants were snug inside. I will just open the ends up today for air circulation and close them again tonight.