Region 14 Spring Regional

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Soil mix

Before planting the seedlings I wanted to tell you about my potting soil mix.  First off there are many soil mixes but I have found this to be successful for me. I use the Pro-Mix BX. for my seedlings. I sometimes incorporate about 1/3 Evergreen soil conditioner in it, for drainage purposes. The Pro-Mix is not readily available here in my small town, so I have to have either the local feed and seed store or the Co-op in Columbus, Ms order it for me. The Pro-Mix BX with Biofungicide is composed of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (75-85 % / vol.); Dolomitic & Calcitic Limestone (pH adjuster); Endomycorrhize (Mycorise Pro); Macronutrients; Perlite (horticural grade); Micronutrients; Vermiculite; and a Wetting Agent.  Not the cheapest thing on the market but with mixing in the soil conditioner it really goes a long way.  This is just what I use for the seedling trays.
I will use the soil conditioner with mini pine bark nuggets for the gallon or larger pots. More on that later.