Region 14 Spring Regional

Sunday, April 17, 2011


What a wonderful trip to Chattanooga last week. Before going to the Tennessee Vally Daylily Society to speak, I got to tour Lee Pickles greenhouse. Boy what some beauties growing inside. I guess my favorite was this seedling out of Wonder of It All X Roses and Gold. Please correct me Lee if I have the cross wrong. Then it was on to Wally's restaurant where the meeting was being held. Good old fashion cooking.
I haven't had fried cornbread since my Dad made
it many years ago.
A very nice group of folks, I think there were
35 in attendance. With two visitors form my backyard hybridizers group there. Marsha Williams and Loyd Picklesimer.
We spent the night in Chattanooga and visited Rock City and Ruby Falls on Sunday.
On Monday I had the pleasure of visiting Bill Waldrops greenhouse. Another wowing day.
Since Bill has already posted an image of my favorite seedling on his blog. I want re post it here. But will say it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, But I do so love those red eyes and edges.
So I will just post a picture of the seedling I purchased from him. Again red eye and edged.

Oh I have got to show you guys a picture of Diana's Ivy bed. This was so cute.

On Tuesday we visited the Botanical Garden in Atlanta GA.We were kinda in between bloom seasons but still a beautiful place to visit. On the final day of my stay at my sisters Anne's house we built her a hosta bed.Not completely finished but she has already added to it. Image below:
So a wonderful week for a spring break. But now it is back to the real world.