Region 14 Spring Regional

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kennesaw Mountain Hayride

Today I have the third bloom on Kennesaw Mountain Hayride. Yes the color is getting stronger as I expected it to do. But still I see more rose/orange. I had to take the pollen from it this morning to freeze, so forgive the missing stamens.

Cool Morning Openers

This 2011 introduction of Bama Sunshine was keep in the greenhouse all winter but removed about three weeks ago and placed outside. That being the reason for an early bloom. But I was very pleased to see it fully open at 7 am this morning with a temperature of only 53. Nothing else was fully open at that time of morning. As a matter a fact Cherry Valentine is the only other one that has opened fully as of 8:30 am and only one degree warmer (54).   So although it is cloudy and cool this morning I have a little Bama Sunshine to brighten my day.