Region 14 Spring Regional

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birmingham Dayliy Society Jan 16th meeting

I had a great time on Jan. 16th at the Birmingham Daylily Society. A super nice bunch of folks.
It was great seeing old friends and making new friends. I was really pleased to see members
from the Central Alabama Daylily Society
there also.

This is Morris and Becky Parr and myself.
The Central Alabama Daylily Society will be
hosting our fall regional.

Mera Crews came with Morris and Becky
Mera is working on gathering all of Linda Agin's
introductions and has quite a few of them already.
Mera and Me:

I had headr of Mr. Joe Langdon and got the opportunity to meet him,

My lovely granddaughter Tiffany who assisted me
in loading , unloading and setting up for the program

Tiffany and David Allison seam to hit it off as they were probably the only two Alabama fans
in a room full of Auburn fans. Well that was until Morris and Becky got there.

Looking forward to going to Mobile this weekend. Maybe it will be some warmer there.
We had snow flurries tonigh. I am so ready for spring.