Region 14 Spring Regional

Saturday, September 17, 2011


 This plant was dug in June and lined out and has been blooming now off and on for a month. This is the last scape  for the year and I should probably cut it off but when it is the only bloom in the garden, that is hard to do.  This flower bloomed the first time at eight months old with a bud count of 22.  I had always heard people say they knew from first bloom that it would be an introduction.  Couldn't understand how they could possible know. But that is what happened with this one.
Below is an image of maiden bloom at eight months old showing the branching and bud count.
Parentage is Sense Of Wonder X Coach's Hot Lips

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mississippi Gulf Coast Daylily Society

What a grand time I had visiting the Mississippi Gulf Coast Daylily Society.  Just a fantastic group of folks.
They had told me there would be a snack served. An understatement if ever there was one.  There was just about any kind of finger food you could think of there and some great desserts and fruit salads.
Here is an image when they were about half way set up. These tables were full by the time for the meeting to start,
They had a great welcome
and information tables.     

You could even take home a big hand
full of hot peppers.             
As the room started filling with members I snapped a few images. If anyone grows the daylily named BILL ROBINSON, well here is Bill in person with his lovely wife Teresia.
It was great to see Tommy Maddox again too. He even brought his radio so we could keep up withe the Auburn / MS, State game.

I am sure anyone who was at the Region 14 spring meeting will remember Chris Rea and what a find job he did. He really has some lovely things coming on in his seedlings. This is Chris and Bill in serious conversation.
Chris has just started blogging recently so be sure and follow his blog to track what he is up to.
As the meeting began, all business was taken care of before I presented my program.I was thrilled to see the crowd. Only wish I could remember every ones name. They were all very gracious and I really  enjoyed  talking to many of them .

After the meeting was finished I got to visit the garden of C. P Winters. Although there was not a lot of daylilies in bloom I could tell she is doing a wonderful job growing here daylilies and many other plants too. Just a lovely garden and I can imagine it in bloom with hundreds of daylilies. I brought home a couple Amarillo's and crepe myrtles. Thanks C. P.

She grows her Roses well too.

And what a lovely collection of bird houses.             I then traveled back to Ellisvile Al where I spent the night with dear friends Henry and Helen Boykin.  Helen has been hard at work repairing where a car ran through her chain link fence and took out the watering system and a few daylily beds. Came home with some real prizes form there. No not daylilies but home made jellies, canned beans, and pears as well as home made kraut.  So you guys can see what a wonderful weekend I had.  
Thanks to the Officers and members of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Daylily Society for the opportunity to speak to your wonderful group. Hope to see all of you at the fall meeting in Birmingham on the 24th of September.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sir Reginald

We drove three hours this morning in a constant rain, to pick up the newest member to our family.
Meet Sir Reginald. (Reggie to his friends) He is a four month old mini Australian Shepard. He stands 14 1/2 inches high and should not get over 18 inches.  He has a natural bobtail that is about five inches long. Just had his first bath and is not a happy camper right now. Still exploring everything new around him. We are in love with him already.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eight Month Old Seedling

I was pleased to see this seedling blooming today. This one could be my very own Best Edge seedling.
I planted it from seed in the house in Jan. Kept in the hobby greenhouse until April and  then in a raised bed outside . So it is eight months old.,  I am loving the form on this one as well as the edge. It gets the number today of 11-0904  A  five inch bloom on a short scape but blooming above the foliage so when it is mature
it should be taller.  It has already multiplied and is two fans.  For sure one to watch.  Think I will take one fan and pot it for the greenhouse and leave one fan outside to test for winter hardiness. With the parentage involved I expect it to be evergreen. A cross of Born To Run X Butch and Babar's Cracked Eggs
Any comments would be appreciated.