Region 14 Spring Regional

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Middle Tennessee Daylily Society

Well I will give you guys a briefing on the MTDS meeting. As we were traveling to Nashville we went thorough a couple of showers, The only problem with those were when the 18 wheelers would pass me, gosh what a mess they would make on my windshield. But as we rolled into Nashville there was a steady rain. Got to the hotel and took our luggage to our rooms. Decided to go find the meeting place. GPS took me right too it. It was around 7 miles away from the motel. Problem was the traffic. It was around 4 pm and traffic was bumper to bumper. Took about 20 minutes to go those 7 miles. We get there and I asked the lady at the front desk if I had the correct building. She said yes, so I asked if I could unload my plants so I could return to the hotel and freshen up for the meeting. Very obliging . As I turned to walk to the car a lady sitting to the side asked if I was Sharon Price."Yes maim I am" It was none other than Nancy Ligon. John Rice named a daylily for her in 1998  
Nancy Ligon  Rice/1998
As I was telling Nancy about the traffic and how long it took me to go those 7 miles, she commented that it was only going to get worse. She had a eye appointment and instead for driving back across town she decided to just sit and wait until meeting time. I told her I need to go back to the hotel and change cloths. After all I had been traveling all day. Dreading the ride back in the rain, it was easy for her to convince me that was not such a good idea. That what I was wearing (jeans and tennis shoes) would fit right in with the crowd. After all by the time we unloaded the plants and set everything up, time was getting short.  No hair brush just a tube of lipstick in my purse. Everything else is back at the hotel. So my apologies to the group for looking so shabby.

I did have a little time to walk around the perimeter of the building. Oh! the lovely purple and yellow flower beds.
Remembering at this time my camera is in the suitcase back in the hotel. Shucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Members start to come in. The first one was Jack Alexander. Oh thank goodness he brought his camera.
So for now the story will be on hold until Jack sends me some of the pictures he made. Then the blog will be updated.