Region 14 Spring Regional

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bloming Today

Scapes are popping up everywhere so it want be long until bloom time. I am seeing some good branching on some of my first year seedlings.
This is the second bloom on Kennesaw Mountain Hayride. I purchased this from Bill when he was in Birmingham speaking.  The color is not as orange as I expected but a beautiful coral pink to my eyes. Took it out of the greenhouse and put it on the front porch so as to get an accurate image of the color. My little hobby greenhouse has green tinted panels.
I have so far this spring given away all my ripe strawberries but today I have saved some for myself to make a fresh strawberry cake for me and one for my son.
So yall come!!!!!!!!!!
The special thing about these strawberries is that when I was at Linda Agin's and purchased  Alabama's Bleached Blonds there was a strawberry plant growing beside it. When she dug the daylily she tucked the strawberry plant in the pot with it. From this one plant three years ago I have a full 16 X 5 ft bed full of strawberry plants.
And finally got finished with the first one. One is still cooling.