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Saturday, May 28, 2011

What is Instant Rebloom

I think I know what instant rebloom is. But if anyone should know or have another opinion I would appreciate a comment and your ideas on what instant rebloom is. To me it is when a scape will appear from a single fan before the original fan has started blooming or soon after. Without haveing the first scape bloom out before seeing the rebloom scape In this image of one of my future introductions look closely at the scapes.
See the new scape emerging at the bottom and the original scape should have first bloom open tomorrow or the next day.

Would instant rebloom here in the south make for rebloom which is not normally seen in the north ?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rewards For Our Labor

I believe we are all rewarded for our labor. For we reap what we sow and with out hard labor the reaping of the rewards will be small. With hard labor the rewards will be numerous and plentiful. This is true in all aspects of our life. But today I would like to show you a few rewards I have reaped from my labor. I think they are plentiful. I will start with this image. Remember the small seedling bed I reworked in the post of Feb 16th (check it out) Well here are the rewards from that laborious day.

This is going to make a great casserole for dinner tonight.

Next is another type of reward that anyone who hybridizes will know the hard labor that goes into the seedlings we produce. Actually this is from a seed I purchased two year ago on the auction but growing it off to see the first bloom was labor. Although not as much labor as producing the seed myself.  This lovely 27"in. (5.5") bloom with two lateral branches and a terminal Y got it's own number this morning. Will now be tested for fertility and moved to a selected bed this fall. So I feel that with Gods help I have reaped more rewards for my labor.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Few Greenhouse blooms

I actually took these out of the greenhouse and placed them on my porch where at least someone might get to see them. left is AFFAIR D'AMOUR with one double bloom and one single bloom open today. It is lovely either way. Center is SYCAMORE FRUIT PUNCH just below SFP is a Fred Manning seedling and to the right is . Paul Aucoin's HOLD ON SALLY image doesn't show the rose edging on it with the angle of the sun .

Second image I caught them in the act!!!!!

Raiding my strawberry patch is Kera (my youngest granddaughter next to the gas tank and three of her friends.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A few greenhouse blooms

I have had a couple of blooms in the garden but nothing to take a picture of because the weather has been so cold. Starting to warm some at night now so it want be long I will have some nice blooms. But today I do have a few greenhouse blooms.  I have been using frozen pollen and have a few pods set.
Will post later on how I store my pollen.  Got to take the girls to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean today.

     Always a pleasure to look at is Dan Trimmers introduction named for his daughter
                                                                JENNIFER TRIMMER.

                           This is first bloom on BLUE EYED ANGEL I am sure it will get better.

Then here is SHAMROCK DELIGHT blooming again today.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kennesaw Mountain Hayride

Today I have the third bloom on Kennesaw Mountain Hayride. Yes the color is getting stronger as I expected it to do. But still I see more rose/orange. I had to take the pollen from it this morning to freeze, so forgive the missing stamens.

Cool Morning Openers

This 2011 introduction of Bama Sunshine was keep in the greenhouse all winter but removed about three weeks ago and placed outside. That being the reason for an early bloom. But I was very pleased to see it fully open at 7 am this morning with a temperature of only 53. Nothing else was fully open at that time of morning. As a matter a fact Cherry Valentine is the only other one that has opened fully as of 8:30 am and only one degree warmer (54).   So although it is cloudy and cool this morning I have a little Bama Sunshine to brighten my day. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Large, Bitone, Patterened, UF?

I am not into the patterned thing YET.... This Paul Aucoin daylily could change that.  Was I ever surprised this morning when I went out to the greenhouse and saw it. Brooke won this from Paul's last year when our club visited his garden. It measures 6 1/2 inches so it is large, sepals are lighter than the petals, so it is a bitone, and the widest part of the petal is at least half way, UF ???? Paul gave this seedling a name of WHICH WAY OUT and registered it in 2007. Although registered as a five inch, it's first bloom here this morning was as mentioned earlier a full 6 1/2 inches.

The Eye is definately patterned. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bloming Today

Scapes are popping up everywhere so it want be long until bloom time. I am seeing some good branching on some of my first year seedlings.
This is the second bloom on Kennesaw Mountain Hayride. I purchased this from Bill when he was in Birmingham speaking.  The color is not as orange as I expected but a beautiful coral pink to my eyes. Took it out of the greenhouse and put it on the front porch so as to get an accurate image of the color. My little hobby greenhouse has green tinted panels.
I have so far this spring given away all my ripe strawberries but today I have saved some for myself to make a fresh strawberry cake for me and one for my son.
So yall come!!!!!!!!!!
The special thing about these strawberries is that when I was at Linda Agin's and purchased  Alabama's Bleached Blonds there was a strawberry plant growing beside it. When she dug the daylily she tucked the strawberry plant in the pot with it. From this one plant three years ago I have a full 16 X 5 ft bed full of strawberry plants.
And finally got finished with the first one. One is still cooling.