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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bella Vista Garden

Located in Guntersville, AL is the garden of Mary Terrell. Resting on a rock laden bluff over looking Lake Guntersville is Bella Vista Garden. Mary's home was built by her farther in 1939 and is now a historic home.

As you enter the front yard at the top of the hill you will see wonderfully grown clumps of daylilies.
Notice the lake in the middle of the right side of the image.
Well here is another view

How would you like to go out the door with a cup of coffee each morning with this view ??
For sure I wouldn't be wanting to go to work , I would be wanting to hit that lake with a fishing pole.

                                                     Or out the side door onto this lovely patio.

Mary grows all her hosta in pots so the garden can be ever changing just by moving them around. As a matter a fact that is what was done after a storm blew one of her large shade trees over. I have never seen hosta grown so perfectly.  The next few images will be of hosta and other plants grown around the perimeter of the  property.

The big black stone is actually a fountain.

As you go around and behind this shed , guest house or utility house. Which ever it is, you will come upon another daylily garden. Unfortunately I only took pictures of individual bloom there.The next image is the path behind the shed.