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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rewards For Our Labor

I believe we are all rewarded for our labor. For we reap what we sow and with out hard labor the reaping of the rewards will be small. With hard labor the rewards will be numerous and plentiful. This is true in all aspects of our life. But today I would like to show you a few rewards I have reaped from my labor. I think they are plentiful. I will start with this image. Remember the small seedling bed I reworked in the post of Feb 16th (check it out) Well here are the rewards from that laborious day.

This is going to make a great casserole for dinner tonight.

Next is another type of reward that anyone who hybridizes will know the hard labor that goes into the seedlings we produce. Actually this is from a seed I purchased two year ago on the auction but growing it off to see the first bloom was labor. Although not as much labor as producing the seed myself.  This lovely 27"in. (5.5") bloom with two lateral branches and a terminal Y got it's own number this morning. Will now be tested for fertility and moved to a selected bed this fall. So I feel that with Gods help I have reaped more rewards for my labor.


  1. Sharon, I just love going all the way back and see your progress! Reaping and sowing sure is a fact of life isn't it! Such a beautiful new daylily bloom. I have 3 cultivar seed crosses with BLUE LAKE in them that I bought from the Lily Auction last year and one unbloomed seedling from Precious Candy arrived just last week. So your little seedling will have some cousins, Lord willing, on the ground yet this year. You do such a wonderful job on your of the best!!!

  2. WOW, what beautiful daylilies you have. I have never seen a scape with buds on it.