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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Village Visions Garden

Randy and Madloyn Whitt are the owners of Village Visions Garden is found in Elkmont, AL
Thanks to Marsha Williams of TN. I have some garden picture to post here.  I only took individual  garden pictures in this garden. Randy is one of the superb dayliy growers, that is with Madloyn's guidance. The garden surrounds the entire house. Just last fall adding several new bed to the back side of the pool.
Now can you image laying on a float just staring at all the beauty?
The pool is where you will find Madolyn and Randy after a hard mornings work in the garden. What a wonderful way to cool down.

Lets continue around the pool  now.....
Now out the gate around the side toward the front yard.  I have been working hard trying to get Randy to hybridize. No luck yet. He certainly has some great cultivars to work with. Now that Madolyn is ready to retire I might just have to get her to do the hybridizing...   The daylilies continue around the other two sides of the house. Just didn't get any pictures.

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